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About BrandPx®

BrandPx are the brainchild of Burgess Communications, an advertising and branding agency located in West Chester, PA. Through our 20 plus years, we’ve developed brand strategies and created award winning custom direct mail pieces for clients such as Scott Paper, Campbells Soup, DuPont, Achieve Global, Aramark, Curtis Paper, Zenger Miller and others. We found the most effective direct mail piece had a size and wow factor that increased response considerably. We had the recipe for success, but often found the budget beyond what our smaller clients could manage.

As a branding agency, we are also keenly aware of the importance of one’s brand. Millions of dollars can be spent over the life of a brand to gain market share and promote the name. Why use someone else’s brand (FedEx, UPS or USPS) when you can so easily use a product that yields better results?

By creating a standard sized product we were able to control the price for our smaller clients. But, each client’s BrandPx are designed to fit completely into their existing visual branding and offer the same visual impact of a custom piece!

Our clients use BrandPx to launch new products, communicate new initiatives, welcome new customers, or simply send a proposal, or contract they produce. They also like the flexibility of sending them by traditional mail or by any overnight service.

BrandPx aren't for everyone. They are for those who believe in their brand and want outstanding results at a competitive price.

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