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Other Products

BrandPx® were created as a product that would help control costs by using a uniform-sized piece that could be custom branded.

We now offer a new option for your shipping needs. The BrandBx® is a corrugated box with a high-quality printed outer shell. This ensures durable shipping while not compromising the quality of your visual brand. The BrandBx measures 12” x 18” x 3” deep. It is ideal for sending larger documents and presentations, or sample products. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to show you a sample.

We also offer our standard BrandPx as a co-branded option with the charitable institution of your choice. CausePx® allow companies to brand themselves on the front and promote the charity on the back. You use these just as you would a regular BrandPx, but each use will support the non-profit cause. Additionally, Burgess gives back 5% of all the profits to that charity.

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